Our Team

Friendships, love and trust is how Aqua Vista came to be. We consider ourselves a family run business consisting of Wayo, Dee, the Nisbets, the Team at Wayo's Beachside Bar... Oh, and don't forget Marvin!

Wayo, or “Wayo from Cayo”, a long time resident for San Pedro, is known to be “the nicest guy you will ever meet”. Having been integral in the beginnings of San Pedro becoming a vacation destination, his knowledge of community, understanding of the hospitality industry, and enthusiasm ensuring all visitors to Belize and San Pedro specifically are well looked after, will have you booking your next visit within the first few hours of your arrival.

Dee vacationed in San Pedro 1st in 2007, fell in love with the people and the island and immediately began planning on how to make it her full time home. After finishing with the corporate grind in Vancouver, B.C., and on her last trip prior to her full time move in 2010, she was lucky enough to stumble upon Wayo’s Beachside Beernet. Stopping by one quiet night, with the owner entertaining friends, she was welcomed into the conversation like one of their own. Upon her permanent move 10 weeks later she new Wayo’s would be a safe place, as a single female traveler, to hang out and meet new people.

Well… A close friendship bloomed between Wayo and Dee over the next few months, and during a day trip of snorkelling, fishing and beach barbecuing that Wayo had invited Dee to join him on, Cupid’s arrow finally had a clear shot. Dee and Wayo married on December 27th, 2012.

Dennis & Debbie Nisbet are one of the most in love couples you will ever meet. They, along with their 4 daughters, and a style of treating business like family have enjoyed many successes in life – including owning the largest real estate company in Vancouver, B.C., now focus their attention on teaching personal wealth growth, both financially and personally.

The Nisbets and Dee have been close friends in Vancouver over the past two decades, with the Nisbets acting as Dee’s realtors, mentors, and, at times, family. Dee was finally able to convince Dennis & Deb to change their usual month long vacation destination from the west coast of Mexico to Belize in the Fall of 2012. The quickly realized why she had picked San Pedro over all other beach destinations in the world, and also realized she had found her true love – Wayo.

During the first week of their trip, and with all of use being passionate about business like family, a group venture in Belize was only natural and this is how Aqua Vista was born.

…. Then there’s Marvin’s story – even he thinks our location can’t be beat! Born and raised in the home that Aqua Vista was to become, this 4 legged, brown, golden eyed, hound mix pup grew up into a midsize sun & sand loving dog, a true San Pedro “Pot Licker”. When it came time for Marvin to move along his owners and Aqua Vista could become, he wanted nothing to do with that. Upon arriving at his new location on the lagoon side of San Pedro, and with the first opportunity of the front door swinging open Marvin was off… back to the location he considered home! After several attempts to bring him back, Marvin made it clear he had no intention of moving from his idyllic beachfront location. The neighbors around Aqua Vista have now adopted Marvin and he’s never been happier.